domingo, 17 de julio de 2011


Well, all good things come to an end...and although we finished two days ago, here's the revision of the things we did.

1- GLOGS: Create an account, create a new glog. Look at the side bar, there are different things you can add to your poster. Choose a new background "WALL" and "USE IT". Choose a text bubble and "USE IT", then you can EDIT it and add some text. As for image,video and audio files, you can :
a- Upload them by browsing from your own files.
b- Add a link (URL).
c- Add a PLAYER if it is an audio file.

 Choose the number of Rows and Columns for your table. Then choose its width and alignement. Cellpadding, Cellspacing and Border can be left empty or write a 0 in those blanks, depending if you want to see the lines of the table or not.
Then generate your table, copy the HTML code and paste it in your blog.
You can use tables to write the names of your students, add links to those names, insert images in cells....

I hope this summer course has been really helpful. Remember, the sky is the limit!!!

Thanks to everyone and have a "bloggy" holidays!!!

Vicky Leal

jueves, 14 de julio de 2011


For those who couldn't come today, we didn't learn anything new in class. Instead, we decided to explore and consolidate  a little bit more the things we learnt especially yesterday ( Slideshare, Scribd, Issuu) and the previous days.
As it seems some of our partners have had problems using Overstream to subtitle videoclips, one of our colleagues suggested using DOTSUB instead. 
Please, visit your partners' blogs and have a look at the interesting things they're doing. It's really worth it!!!
  • Remember you have their names and the URL of their blogs in a shared document, in your gmail account.
Happy blogging!!!

miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011


Let's have a look at the things we did this morning..

1- Cut videoclips using SAFESHARE. ( Copy and paste the video URL from Youtube, CUSTOMIZE by clicking on FULL,choose where to start and where to stop, then UPDATE  and finally  TAKE ME TO THE SAFE VIEW. Then click on SHARE and click on the BLOGGER POST icon).

The link will appear in a new post in your blog.
  • Remember that you can copy the link and post it in a different page or link it to an image.
2- Subtitle a videoclip using OVERSTREAM ( Click on CREATE, paste the video URL)

URL of the page!!!

Use these buttons on your left to ADD a subtitle, specifying the time when to start and when to end. Click on ADD every time you want to add a new sentence.Make sure the time spans you use for every line don't overlap. 

3- Embed a powerpoint presentation using SLIDESHARE.
(Upload a powerpoint file.Click on the EMBED button. Copy the HTML code and I think that you should know by now what to do with this...) 

4- Embed a document ( Same as a powerpoint. Upload.....)