domingo, 17 de julio de 2011


Well, all good things come to an end...and although we finished two days ago, here's the revision of the things we did.

1- GLOGS: Create an account, create a new glog. Look at the side bar, there are different things you can add to your poster. Choose a new background "WALL" and "USE IT". Choose a text bubble and "USE IT", then you can EDIT it and add some text. As for image,video and audio files, you can :
a- Upload them by browsing from your own files.
b- Add a link (URL).
c- Add a PLAYER if it is an audio file.

 Choose the number of Rows and Columns for your table. Then choose its width and alignement. Cellpadding, Cellspacing and Border can be left empty or write a 0 in those blanks, depending if you want to see the lines of the table or not.
Then generate your table, copy the HTML code and paste it in your blog.
You can use tables to write the names of your students, add links to those names, insert images in cells....

I hope this summer course has been really helpful. Remember, the sky is the limit!!!

Thanks to everyone and have a "bloggy" holidays!!!

Vicky Leal

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